An Introduction to my Flock (still being worked on)

  1. motherhen71185
    My flock Introductions: I will try to keep them up to date as possible.

    The first set of girls I got as chicks in February -2013

    Goldie - Buff Orpington

    Lacey - Gold Laced Wyandotte

    Wendy - Silver Laced Wyandotte

    Black Betty - Black Austrolorp

    Rose - Barred Rock

    Sweety - French Black Copper Maran

    Sally - Salmon Favarolle

    Ellie - Easter egger

    Silkie - My eternaly Boroody black silkie.

    Pretty Boy - French black copper maran rooster

    The chicks that hatched 6/21/13

    2- cream legbar cockerals

    2 - crele laced polish pullets

    1- blue isbar

    Eggs going in to the incubator for a 7/23 hatch date:


    4- cream legbar

    3- basque

    3- MF leghorns

    2 Double laced blue barnvelder

    2- wellsummer

    2 crele pendesenca

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