So, on June 2, 2010, my husband and I went out and bought three golden comet hens from a local guy on Craigslist. While the hens were talked to and treated nicely by the humans who kept them, the more agressive breeds in the overcrowded and muddy coop had pecked these poor girls to ribbons!
When we went in to catch them, we were impressed with the distinct lack of pecking or clawing...just a bit of panicked fluttering, which was completely expected! We got the three that we wanted and packed them into produce boxes and drove the five minutes home.
These poor, bedraggled girls took one glance around them and immediately began to peck and scratch at the ground, snapping up greens and ants, rolling in their sand, nomming up their crumbles (Layena), and cackling and purring contentedly!
Within 24 hours, there were two big, beautiful brown eggs sitting in the straw in their coop, their feathers were cleaner and brighter, and some of the raw angry skin is cooler, pinker, and starting to look much better!
I could sit outside and cluck at them all day. :)