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Andalusian Blue Black White Splash

  1. Bizzybirdy

    Blue, black, white (splash) Created by Bizzybirdy
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    These beautiful blue birds originated in Andalucia, a province of Spain, but have long been known in England and the United States. They are magnificent to look at with their graceful, stately carriage and delicately blue-laced plumage; and this marks them as an especially fine breed for exhibition. Blue (laced) is the only variety accepted by the APA, but when two blues are crossed, 25% will be black and 25% will be white/splashes. Mendel used these birds in his genetic experiments, thanks to which we know things like two brown eyed people can have blue eyed children, but two blue eyed people cannot have brown eyed children! Had to keep my Rooster confined during the winter to prevent frost damage to his wattles and this caused him to become a bit aggressive...not his fault. The hens are flighty but VERY friendly, curious and not broody. They are good layers of nice white eggs.





    Description / Information


    My splash Andalusian roo as a young chick.​


    My Andalusian hen as a pullet.​


    Head shot of my splash Andalusian rooster.​

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