What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Answer: Gus, the rooster!

Updated 2:03 p.m. (PST) 2011-02-19​
To bring him home led to the great coop project! A friend that no longer was keeping chickens gave us his hen house. It was no easy task to load it on a trailer and transfer it home. A distance of about 5 miles, the wind from the motion tearing off the tar paper in sheets. First priority was to place it, then get the yard built so Gus would be content and safe from whatever while he settled in. We now have the siding to cover it and then add the paint but the hen house needs mods like a window and outside access to nest boxes. The chickens don't see to care that it's a work in progress

** The coop now has siding attached. Took out the manger style area for laying and added 3 built in nest boxes and another roost spanning the length of the building. Then hens seem to really like the "L" shape of the top roost to give eveyone a choice spot to sleep.

Gus keeps company with 7 hens, all heritage breeds. Two favorites are "Goofy" a Cuckoo Maran that has taken the broody job to heart and hatched peeps in hiding Feb - Nov last year. Our other favorite is Lucy, a Dominique that is the job forman. If there is a project going on in her barn (not the hen house mind you) she is right there checking every new board going up :) Always has lots to say about the job.

Lucy a Dominique
Brabanter Chickens
With so many breeds it's very hard to stick with just a few. Many thanks to fellow forum member for letting me add the Brabanters to my collection. So very different and enjoyable. These are my flyers, they love to be up high. The roost is over 5 ft from the floor and they love it. Good layers of white eggs.



*Newest addition: Katahdin Hair Sheep
Our ewe lambs are now a year old as well as the ram Domingo. We stated the flock with the ram and 2 young ewes along with 2 mature already producing ewes. If your in the area come the first week of August 2011 the Katahdin sheep will be the feaure breed at Clark County Fair, Ridgefield WA


We are trying to be as eco positive as possible. With the chickens able to eat scraps from the kitchen as well as the worm bin very little leaving the house actually goes into the regular garbage can.
In last years garden there was a patch of sunflowers that showed what personality a flower can have The left side is almost full and worked by the earth worms. I recently put more material in the right to get them to start moving over.