Looking for Appenzeller Spitzhauben eggs or pullets. Looking for feathers for crafts, too.

I began my chicken addiction on my birthday, March 27, 2011, with 11 chicks. Here are some of them in June around 3 months old.
When I first bought chickens, I didn't know a Production Red from a Buff Orpington. I can now see that I have a barred rock rooster when I look at this picture. You see him? He's the lighter one. He'll grow up to attack every human, including me and my daughter, that steps foot into the yard. He was rehomed responsibly.

This addiction grew stronger, and I acquired more chickens and sold a few. Here's my favorite rooster, Bowie

Sure, a true addict begins making her drug in her own home:


and, she also diversifies.... to quail...

So, now I've got a laying flock of 16ish.

a passle of chicks...

and, still more eggs in the incubator:

I got chicks in a tote, eggs in the ‘bator
Third coop’s being built, sooner than later
Brown eggs for sale, feathers on the ground
My mind is all chickens, the best hobby I've found!

I am not a purist, I appreciate mutts and "purebred" stock.
I found this video
that has a terrific lady that shows how to more humanely kill a chicken. Although I still can't imagine doing this to an animal myself, especially my raised from chicks babies, I do love to eat meat and I think anyone who does butcher their own meat should know how to kill an animal properly.

I'm a social studies teacher. Summertime is the best time of the year, even if it is hottttttttttttt here in Florida. No matter what your relatives say, never, ever, visit this state between June and September!

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