Count down to chicks is over!!!!!!! My 10 chicks (6 Red Stars and 4 Buff Orpingtons) arrived Monday June 15 at 6:00!!!!
One of My Red Stars, Rosie, died Tuesday in the afternoon :(*

Here is a table with my chicks
Name BreedOther Description
Leona Buff Orpington My brother Nick named her Largest
Stella Red Star Friend Julie gave me nameWhite neck
Jumpy Buff Orpington Most social towrads humans! Green Eyes Likes to jump
Eve Red Star Quiet, shy, cute... I like Wall-E From Wall-E
Goldie Buff Orpington Aways seems to have poop on her feathers!?! DUH!! Color
Janie Red Star First one to lay an egg! Smallest Janie's Got a gun
Grace Red Star Green Eyes, very good when holding! So graceful!!
Razzle Red Star Zena loves her! Lots of white feathers! Razzle Dazzle!!!!!
Buffy Buff Orpington Very Fluffy, very... The vampire slayer
My chicks are almost 2 weeks old now, my camera is still not working so I cannot post any pictures yet.
I really love my chicks and CAN'T wait to get our first eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yooooooo I moved My chicks outside yesterday July 12,2009. And today July 13, they are 5 weeks old and my first day of Girl Scout Camp.
Well Got to edit some other pages!! BYE!!!!!!!

Hey!!!!!!!!! What up?! My Dad and I (proper grammer :p) finished the chicks nesting boxes yesterday, July 29 2009 and today is my Mom's Birthday (not proper grammer but I don't care)July 30,2009! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! LUV U!!!! (her favorite color is dark green) Oh and I have a question...................... Does anyone else feel like this is a blog????
Peace out Girl Scout

ISN'T IT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I know this is hard to read but I DONT CARE, SQUINT!!!!! My Birthday yesterday August 21! YAY

Ok I just picked a random color so I am waiting any day nowwwwww for eggs from my chickers!
Ugh I go back to school next Wednsday BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! >: P :mad: Makes me MAD!! :mad:
I'm going into 8th grade and yet people still mistake me for a 7 year old ( for example I went on a field trip with grades 2nd-8th last year and I got pulled in to the 2nd grade class!!!!!!! Also I was at target and some lady asked me if I lost my Mom and she tried to take me to the register to find her(she asked me "How old are you sweety, 7, 8?" I replied "Im 12 (now 13) and I am not lost!"
Any way I am in pinnicle so I'm doing algebra which I already know! Oh well......................
Peace! ~Angela~

Heyyyyyy Check out the Pets page if you want to learn about a bunch of different animals. Sooo......
BYE! ~Angela~ =o =) =P

Got our first egg they are brown and big, it was laid by Janie on Oct 23 2009! WooHoo!!

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Happy Halloween! I trick or treat on Oct 30th thought, its my town. Its also my Dad's Birthday, Happy Birthday Dad, he is getting old. Anyway happy halloween and birthday!
~Angela~ "Trick or Treat"

Hey How is every body!!!!I haven't written in a while but I have been on! This Spring I am getting 2 or 3 Silkies and Ameraucanas!! Already in the 3rd Marking Period at school, and as most of you have heard the East Coast is getting BASHED by snowstorm and yes thats TRUE! Last Month got 26 in, last week 16 in and today sofar 6in and sopposed to get 12 more. Have had quite a few snow days from school. Anyway the chickens are doin' good, had a little problem a while back, Jumpy cut her comb because it was so cold, got pecked a little but fought back and they are all good and nice to each other now!!!!!!!! KK, did you notice the colors of this font remind you of snow!!!!!!! BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Angela~ =) =P =D

Wow normal color font!!! Not reeally I picked this color because I got and iPod Touch(It is Black and silver soo..yeah) yesterday June 12th 2010. I'm probally was the only teenager in the world to have not ever had and iPod till yesterday but.... So Yeah I like it a lot! I just wonder does anybody read this besides me??? Ehh, whatever it's ok! BYE!!!!P.S. My chickens turn one year old tomorrow June 14th!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S.S Normal font is not that bad!
~Angela~ 2010-06-13