Hallo! Im kind of new to being a mother of chickens, everything so far i have looked up but have found some people just dont know what im looking for, so i joined this to get help. Now, i shall tell you about my chickens:
Two days after Easter, me and my mother went to a nearby store that was selling chicks, we werent planning on getting any, but my mother couldnt resist. We got 5 females, and one straight run, hoping it was a male, turned out it was, but also, one of the females was actually a male too. They all grew up together and we put them in a coop we made from a side of our garage. 12 weeks ago one of my girls was killed by a nextdoor neighbers dog, so we got 3 more chicks 10 weeks ago. And about a week ago or so, both males got in a huge fight, thankfully neither were killed, but my Light Sussex cockerel was bloody and scared, but he was able to fly out of the run we built and come up to the porch showing us he needed help, so we put him with our little chicks.
Some photos are soon to be uploaded!