Hi! I am a homeschooling girl living in South Dakota. In January 2011 my family moved out of town, onto an acreage. I LOVE living in the country and am immensely thankful that we got to move out here. We have 1 dog, 3 cats, 4 rabbits, about a dozen chickens, about a dozen guineas, 5 peafowl, and 4 ducks. The chickens, guineas, and peafowl are all in the chicken coop:

(The picture was taken awhile ago, when the chickens were younger.)

(And this picture was when the guineas were younger. And the coop was new and clean

And the ducks are in the duck house:

Everybody is freeranging during the day.
Here are the four call ducks. Vienna, Valletta, Vester, and Villier.

Here's a pic of all the birds having a rendezvous around the fire pit.