Me and my husband are living life by experimenting and experiencing. I went through a spell where I had gotten rid of every animal but my dogs and the darn cats.... Now that we know what we are looking for and have a few more interesting experiences under our belt we are working on building up our small backyard "farm" to make us less dependent on commerical food.
I had a colorful mixed flock of chickens that I sold and I kick myself for it everyday. We now have two silver laced wyandotte brama crosses and two gold laced wyandotte crosses that are our laying flock and a trio of silkies consiting of a buff hen, a white hen, and our partridge rooster. The silkies don't eat much and are cute to look at so I guess they will be staying and hopefully making some cute babies.
This year we aquired a pair of silver fox rabbits. Rethinking choosing them for meat as their litter size seems to be about half that of the New Zealand or Californian. Our pair is just now of breeding age so hopefully within the next couple months we will have some kits and aquire some more brood stock to deversify our bloodline.
Our buck

Our doe

This past fall we put in four raised garden beds that produced a very beautiful batch of radishes before the weather go to cold for much to thrive in it. We also have two raised circluar stone beds one that is for strawberries and on that will be my herb garden. We planted two golden delicous apple trees, three grape vines, two trios of blueberries and two black berry bushes along our fence utilizing our limited space to the max so the vines can intertwine with our fence without having to build a trellis out from the fence.
That's where we are now that its winter and we will see what the spring will bring our 1/4 acre back yard!