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Anne Arundel County Maryland Chicken Ordinance

By jomercer, Jan 11, 2012 | Updated: Apr 14, 2014 | | |
  1. jomercer
    Anne Arundel County Maryland Chicken Ordinance
    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens Allowedmaximum of 32 chickens per minimum 40K sq ft lot
    Roosters AllowedNo
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop Restrictionslocate 50 feet from side and rear property lines
    City/Organization Contact nameAnne Arundel County Government Office of Planning & Zoning 2664 Riva Road Annapolis, Maryland 21401 General Information: (410) 222-7450 FAX: (410) 222-7255
    Additional InformationAnne Arundel County (Maryland) Code, 2005 Article 18. Zoning Title 4. Residential Districts Subtitle 1. In General § 18-4-104. Pets; livestock or fowl. (b) Livestock or fowl. The keeping of livestock or domestic fowl is allowed on a lot of at least 40,000 square feet in accordance with the following: (2) The number of domestic fowl kept on a lot may not exceed a ratio of one bird unit per 40,000 square feet. A bird unit is defined as follows: 32 chickens= 1 bird unit 16 ducks= 1 bird unit 8 turkeys= 1 bird unit 8 geese= 1 bird unit 1 ostrich= 1 bird unit 2 emus= 1 bird unit Other fowl, 100 pounds= 1 bird unit (3) Combinations of animals are allowed if the allowed ratio of animal units to square footage is maintained. (4) All livestock and fowl shall be kept within a fenced area. (5) Accessory structures relating to livestock or fowl and manure storage shall be located at least 50 feet from side and rear lot lines. (Bill No. 4-05; Bill No. 69-07)
    Link for more Informationhttp://www.aacounty.org/AnimalControl/Resources/Chicken_Duck_Checklist.pdf
    Information Last Updated2010-03-31 08:59:35

    NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens. You can read more info about checking local laws here..

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  1. Chickadee95
    This link provides info on the new law in AA County!!!

    {00133544.DOC; 1}On November 18th2013, The Anne Arundel County Council passed Bill 79-13regarding chickens and ducks in residential districts. The bill permits keeping ormaintaining chickens and ducks on a lot of less than 40,000 square feet. Roosters arestrictly prohibited on lots less than 40,000 square feet. A County resident keepingchickens or ducks on a lot less than 40,000 square feet for any length of time must obtainand maintain a license. Keeping of ducks and chickens on lots greater than 40,000square feet does not require an Anne Arundel County License. The provisions,requirements and restrictions, based on lot sized are as follows:Lots 20,000 square feet to 39,999 square feet:On a residentially zoned lot of 20,000 to40,000 square feet improved by a single-family dwelling, chickens and ducks may notexceed a ratio of one bird unit per 20,000 square feet. A bird unit is defined as follows:8 Chickens – Hens Only = 1 Bird Unit4 Ducks = 1 Bird UnitLots 10,000 square feet to 19,999 square feet:On a residentially zoned lot of 10,000 to19,999 square feet improved by a single-familydwelling, no more than four (4) chickensare permitted. Ducks not permitted are lots less than 20,000 square feet.Lots 9,999 square feet or smaller:Chickens and ducks are not permitted on lots smallerthan 10,000 square feet.Chickens or ducks on lots less than 40,000 square feet shall be kept in a securedenclosure with a chicken coop (see requirements below: § 12-4-801 Animal Outdoors).Accessory structures for chickens and ducks on lots less than 40,000 square feet shall belocated at least 25 feet from a side or rear lot line and 25 feet from any dwelling.
  2. Theda's Mom
    I'm curious where the restriction on roosters is found. The residential code makes no distinction between hens and roosters and an index search didn't produce any mention of roosters either.

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