Anni's Hen Hilton
This picture series was graciously submitted by Anni. We think the L-shape with double door openings was quite innovative - bravo!
-- Chickenmaster

Hello! My name is Anni. I asked my husband to build me a chicken coop on the side of our house, and here are some pictures taken during construction.
The henhouse must still be trimmed in white, another ramp built for the left side door, and we plan on connecting the upper and lower roost bars for more roosting room!
My husband designed and built this coop himself. I call it the "Hen Hilton"! The design is VERY orignial, I think. Both rows of nest boxes have a panel that opens from the outside back of the coop, so you can gather eggs (when they grow up and start laying) without entering either the coop or chicken yard. The floor is raised dirt supported by cinderblock to keep the hens dry.
Best of all, one entire front of the coop opens by swinging the doors out. This not only allows plenty of sunshine and air for the birds, but makes cleaning a snap. The coop also has been wired for 2 lightbulbs to prolong daylight hours when they start laying, and there are two small halogen lamps attached to either side of the upper posts. The entire yard and top of the yard are enclosed so nothing can get to the birds. The bottom row of fencing was sunk about 18 inches deep into the ground to prevent critters from digging under.
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