Hi ,my name is Ann.I live in the beautifull ozarks on 3 acres with my husband and two red-headed girls (10 year old and 5 year old with Leukemia).I have always had chickens and had them free ranging.Where we live at right now every year I would raise some barnyard variety in the spring and the coyotes,opossoms and coons would get them in the fall.This year I decided to put the chickens in pens and start raising some purebreds.At last count I had over 100 chickens.I have severval different breeds,these are the breeds I have as right now----Millie Fleur D`uccle,Porcelain D`Uccles,Cochin banties,Golden Seabrights,Silkies,Plymouth White Rocks,Cuckoo Marans and 2 RIR Roosters,that my girls claim ,6 cuckoo maran/Buff orphington roosters and a bunch of just plain chickens

This is Crue,he is a mottled cochin roo.Right now I have him in with a young golden lace hen.This just one of cochin roos