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By pilotnbr1 · Jun 11, 2015 ·
  1. pilotnbr1
    Completed coop (well almost- just have 4 young chickens in it and need to figure out a more permanent water and feed system). Notice how the door to the run is elevated about 16 inches from the floor. We have 3 boston terriers and they would love to squeeze by our legs to get inside- that 16 inch lip also keeps chickens in. The coop and run sit on a concrete slab and on that is sand for the run. I plan on doubling the run (and slab) to the right when I have more time. It has a pullout drawer for easy cleaning. Vents along the underside of the eve which are out of view. Roost bar is visible in window- chickens seem to like the view- probably will add poop boards under the bar. Fully functioning shutters for winter. Front window also doubles as an access door to interior- the double latches are visible to the right of the window. I made the roof and nesting box detachable so it would be more easily transportable. Ultimately will have electricity available for whatever else.... So far probably $350 into it- and that was with half the shingles being some leftovers and all of the paint from another project.

    Prior to paint, shingles, and run. Notice its on a concrete slab.

    Removeable nesting box. Just spin the wingnuts and the box unplugs from the main coop. Nesting box lid has springloaded hinges that make lid seem twice as heavy as it is to keep predators out- might add an additional latch there just to be extra cautious - the wife would commit homicide if there are any poultrycides...

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