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Anybody Have Tips Or Advise On How To Get Breed A Double Laced Blue Wyandotte

By rookachu · Jun 6, 2012 ·
  1. rookachu
    Describe 'anybody have tips or advise on how to get breed a double laced blue Wyandotte?' here

    I am fairly new to chickens and have found out I LOVE them!!! I am interested in the genetics and how to get certain traits bred from generation to generation.. Im really intersted in breeding my own double laced blue barnvelden but dont even no which chicks to start or patterns and colors to look for. I think you start with a barnvelden and a blue laced Wyandotte?
    Plesae any info and help would be great!!
    In the Tittle I put double laced blue wyandoote and ment barnvelden lol

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