Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic: Two of the best and natural ways to keep your flock healthy

By Mountain Peeps · Sep 14, 2014 · Updated Sep 14, 2014 · ·
  1. Mountain Peeps
    Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic: Two of the best and natural essentials to keep your flock healthy

    Don't we always try to prevent problems before they start? When we start to feel a tickle in our throat we immediately start taking medicine and drinking tons of water. So, we don't like getting sick. Chickens don't either. They are keen experts at hiding signs of illness and injury since they are prey animals. They can't tell us when they have a tickle in their throat or when they otherwise feel bad. So, as their owners and caretakers, it's our duty to prevent illness before it starts.

    Apple cider vinegar and garlic are natural remedies to help prevent illnesses. They are both filled with vitamins and nutrients. Let's take a look at each one and how it will keep your flock healthy.

    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is useful in many ways. It is a good source of potassium and is quickly absorbed. Potassium is important to build strength and fight bacteria by flushing out toxins. It boosts a chicken's respiratory, immune and digestive systems and helps with calcium absorption. Also, it helps fight and prevent cancer, infections, diseases and illnesses. ACV is high in vitamins, electrolytes, probiotics and minerals. It also is thought to be a mild antibiotic. If you are going to be moving your chickens to new housing, introducing to the flock or if your birds are molting make sure to use ACV as it helps reduce stress levels.

    Apple cider vinegar is used in many ways in chicken health. It's most commonly used in the water. (1 tablespoon per gallon.) This vinegar will fight off bacteria growth in the waterer itself. Note: Never use ACV in metal water containers as it will break it down and leach harmful chemicals into the chickens' drinking water. Some people even claim that their chickens prefer the taste of water with ACV instead of plain water! ACV can also be used in a bath for your chickens. ACV will kill and rid your chickens of any external parasites. Plus it conditions the skin. You can use ACV for cleaning nest boxes, feeders, waterers and incubators too.

    I also like to make a salad for my chickens using ACV as a dressing. I use lettuce, carrots, berries, fruits, etc and then drizzle ACV on top. They LOVE it!
    Note: Only use organic, bragg ACV with your chickens as this is free from chemicals and all natural.


    Garlic also has many health benefits. Garlic, believe it or not, can help prevent worms in your chickens. It boosts the chicken's respiratory and immune systems. It is also thought that if chickens eat garlic on a regular basis they will have a less likelihood of getting mites and ticks since their blood tastes like garlic! You may have heard that garlic effects the taste of eggs but I and other garlic users have never found this to be true.

    You can use garlic by floating the cloves in the chicken waterer. You can add a powder to their feed (2-3 % ratio) or just throw out plain garlic to them free choice.

    ACV and garlic are two helpful and important necessities of every chicken keeper. They will prevent illnesses and parasites and keep your flock looking and acting their very best! These two things will not prevent illnesses and diseases entirely but will defiantly help. Plus they also help when the chicken is actually sick.

    Have questions? Feel free to PM me.

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  1. pargue
    "Great info, nature always the best way to go!"
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    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 9, 2019
    Loved this! More information for my chicken notebook. Thanks!


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  1. richicken
    Does the Apple cider vinegar make the eggs taste any different??
  2. chickenshiha
    thanks I also heard of that acv is used to prevent and cure coccidiosis really helped me
  3. Zephyr
    Thank you for sharing! I use Braggs for myself and will now try it with the 'girls'. Put 1T in their feeder yesterday to see how it goes--if it cuts down on the algae growth it's worth it just for that! LOL
    Going to try adding garlic too. Thx!
  4. Noahbird77
    Thank you for this information. I use acv - for myself and chickens - but I didn't know about garlic. I will try that too. We have a 20 yr.old african grey and he gets acv in his water also.
  5. Alice4
    How many cloves of garlic should you put in their water, or powder form
  6. mymilliefleur
    Great article!! I totally agree, garlic and acv is great stuff. My birds get it in their water on a regular basis. I puree it in our food processor.
  7. Mountain Peeps
    Thank you, BearDrummer for pointing that out!
  8. BearDrummer
    Well written article.
    I will point out one thing, however. People who use garlic for their chickens are highly likely to use lots of garlic in their own kitchens. When cooking my eggs, I tend to add a bit of garlic, just for flavor. I don't really taste lightly used garlic as garlic flavored, because I am used to identifying a stronger taste as garlic. Our ability to taste garlic is a similar concept to a cigarette smoker wondering how a non smoker can tell they smoke.
    Other than that one observation, I enjoyed your article greatly, and will consider letting my chicks occasionally snack on the glorious garlic.
  9. Mountain Peeps
    Thank you my friends! I'm glad this helped each of you!!
  10. N F C
    I'd heard garlic was good for chickens but I haven't seen it explained why until now. Thanks Mountain Peeps!
  11. Chickenchick11
    Super helpful article. One of my girls is molting right now so the ACV is going in her water.
  12. TwoCrows
    Wow, great article! I learned something about garlic. Never knew you could float it in their water. I will have to try that!! Thanks for the great information!! :)
  13. MyPetNugget
    Great article and information! I didn't know that about ACV! Will have to get some soon! ; )

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