Apple Orchard Cabin Coop

By hitchyourwagon · Sep 30, 2014 · Updated Feb 10, 2015 · ·
  1. hitchyourwagon
    This hen house features a 9W X 12L X 9H ft. coop with an attached 6W X 35L X 7H ft. covered
    run. The structure was designed to comfortably accommodate 20 chickens although there are only 12 current residents .

    The nesting boxes are on the exterior of one wall and allow for easy access from the outside of the building. The high ceiling and venting allow for good air flow.

    The run is sheet metal covered for hawk protection and shade, made of hardware cloth to thwart unwanted guests, and tall enough to walk inside for clean up and maintenance. The hardware cloth is buried and the entire perimeter of the run is covered in rocks to discourage digging predators.

    A resident favorite is the dust bath located inside the run.

    The people door was found at a local resale store along with many of the decorations.
    The old nesting boxes used to decorate the entry were from chicken operations on the farm from years gone by.


    The interior is designed to be easily hosed out having plastic panel lower walls, galvanized sheet metal upper walls, and a poured slab with floor drain. The addition of a PDZ filled poop tray under the roost area has made it very easy to keep clean.

    Roost and poop tray with nesting boxes beneath.


    Closet with work space and shelf. Feed and PDZ is easily stored under table top. Bottom right hand corner shows automated chicken door to run.

    A few of the residents out for a little free range time and my chicken helper AKA the treat girl.

    Protector of the realm; including the chickens.


    If you are not from Texas, you might have to Google this???

    Thanks to BYC for all the great suggestions found on this site. It has been a fun project to work on and we eagerly await our first eggs.
    Next project - a greenhouse.

    Winter project Greenhouse now under construction.

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  1. DownByTheRiver
    Just amazing!! Giving me some great ideas!!
    1. hitchyourwagon
      Been a while since I have been on BYC. Thanks for the affirmation. Did you get your coop built?
  2. SouthHouse
    This is beautiful! Clearly I am not in your league, but grateful that you are willing to share your ingenious design.
    My chicken village has evolved over time. It rather looks like it was designed by Sarah Winchester. (Google "Winchester House"). It's not beautiful, but it functions.
    Yours, on the other hand, looks like luxury accommodations. Dig that chandelier, man! How in the world do you keep it clean?!
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  3. ellend
    How wonderful! I would love to have a greenhouse for my bantams, and me too! City yards are too small... :(
    I love your setup. Congrats on your hard work and excellent planning!
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  4. celticgarden
    Great job. I endlessly googled tiny houses for build ideas when I was planning mine. But I have to say, your treat girl really gives a smile as does the protector of the realm. Looks like the ideal modern rural existence :)
  5. hitchyourwagon
    Good Mornin Ellen
    Will do, I am at the mercy of mother nature now. When we get some nice days will be working on the Greenhouse / Distillery.
  6. ellend
    Ooooh---please be sure to show us!
  7. hitchyourwagon
    Hey Alice
    The wood is Cedar. It came from a local small saw mill and trees native to our area. The wood has to be sealed right away or else it will quickly gray out. Thanks for the nice comments. Working on a small greenhouse right now which will use Cedar lap siding and Cedar shake shingles.
  8. alica31
    What type wood was used on your 'cabin?' the color is rich and warm! It could pass for a Tiny house.
    Love it!
  9. hitchyourwagon
    Thanks for the affirmation and I would love to see your version of this coop. Please send me pictures when you are done. I have a few pictures of the construction in progress if that would be of any help?
  10. EastTXChickens
    There's much to like about this set up. The clean sturdy rustic look with modern improvements and technology made this a dream home for the chickens.

    We're up to 16 chickens and are thinking of building something similar for the birds in a few months. Mind if I borrow a few ideas? I love how your build out, run included, doesn't gobble up a lot of real estate but is suitable (and how!) for a nice sized flock.
  11. hitchyourwagon
    Hey ellend,
    I see what you mean, looks like all I need to do is put in a loft and get the electrical connected and I am there. There are some great architectural ideas for chicken coops in the tiny house pictures.
    The Chicken Ranch legend lives on.
  12. ellend
    Google Tiny Houses (there is a movement going on....) and you'll see why folks think it's a guest house!
  13. ellend
    Hello from Ohio!
    Even all the way here, we're familiar with The Chicken Ranch...
  14. hitchyourwagon
    Thanks Def, I am enjoying the response from folks that visit the farm. Their first response is that they can not believe it houses chickens. That's part of what we were going for, being an attractive yard feature as well as serving a practical purpose. It is a downsized replica of a 150 year old cabin I saw on a trip to Ohio's Amish country.
  15. Defjam
    What an exceptional coop. I wonder which is happier, the chickens in this lovely abode or the hand that built it? Something to be proud of for sure!
  16. hitchyourwagon
    Thanks NFChick, if I had it to do over I would make the run two feet wider but they seem to love it running back and forth over the entire 35 foot length. Installed the automatic door yesterday and it really works - controlled by a photo sensor it will stop the cold winter wind from blowing in at night. I guess you do not need to worry about that down south?
  17. N F C
    Beautiful coop and the covered run is really nice.
  18. featherweightmn
    This is really a nice setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. hitchyourwagon
    thanks, we have had no odor issues.
  20. EIEIOchick
    Very nicely done! I love the rustic look, the landscaping and decor! The interior is an exceptional idea for easy cleaning!
  21. hitchyourwagon
    Thanks for your nice comments. I will see what I can do as far as the residents are concerned.
  22. chickenneighbor
    Beautiful setup! Now we need pictures of the residents!
  23. Henna56
    ha ha well it is very well put together--love the fact you can wash it out with a hose!
  24. hitchyourwagon
    Thanks it is getting a lot of attention from visitors to the farm. Most think it is some sort of guest quarters... city folks!
  25. Henna56
    very nice!

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