Well last night I made my girls sleep like big girls in the buiding.. NO light on .. i figured they would wake up and be starved and thristy like crazy.. but when i put them out, the good night sleep must have agreede with them .. there was all kinds of flying and chest bumping . lots of get down low and charge full speed ahead round abouts. and very little eating and drinking.... and not none of them got out of their box either. so after this test , they will be sleeping in the dark, no heat lamp on.. ( if it gets unusaly cold i'll put it on Im sure.. their sooo spoiled allready)
I've got poor Lobo up in the paddock, oh he hates it.. but he gets in ther x pen and eats all the girls food and spills their water, just make such a mess. so hes grounded.. till night, then Ive been turing him loose. He realy seams to like the chickens. He has no idea he's a horse, none.. he just figures he is a big dog. or something..
new developement on the girls this week they are starting to get color to thir combs and a couple of them you can se just the start of little waddles.
ive been watcing lots of 'you tube" and my two red girls are deffinatly red comets.. not RIR,
One of my barred rocks seems to be grey-er rather than the black barrs, wondering if its gonna be a rooster? humm we'll see.
my little who knows what, she is looking more like the barred rocks except she still has the white tip wings and the white around the eyes. and is much smaller.. the search for her breed continues.
the Dark Bhrama's still just the one big girl has the big feathers shawl around her neck and shoulders. the other two are much farther behind in development? hummm wonder why? I took Latifa to the spot where thier coop would be and she did very good hanging with me and not runnning off. she seemed to feel very confident in going in and out of the old broiler chicken coop. wonder if she can still smell chickens? how long their sent remains? ive got so much to learn bout their thought proccesses. and actions. an see them thinking and figuring things out and they each have very different personalities.
the white leghorn girls are, I must admit, my least favorite. ( i know not suposed to show favoritism hahah) but they are much more "flighty" and least indepentend in thought.. they are followers and runners, instead of like the others who will stop and look at me to decide hummm does she have a goody or do I run.. the whites they just run.. hopefully they will get smarter. although they will probably be the ones to survive an animal.. hopeing that is never tested but we have so many cyotes and fox out here.. ive got good plans for my coop and I think I can keep them safe. fingers crossed.

gonna stop at lowes and get some help on how to figure cost and see if they can pre cut my boards to make my coop.. i wish I could find a "shop class" for women. there are so manythings that I need to be able to do, that granted, a man usualy does. but I need it done and dont know how to do it.. like fix my focet in the kitchen i boutght a new one seamed like it would be easy to do.. still not on.. its been months. and my coop I know what I want I know what I want it to look like I have all therse ideas but dont hwave the working knowledge to actualy do the physical work.. ssoooo frustrating. so I figure Im gonna do it right or wrong and the works will bd that looks ugly.
( I did however call my insurance about my roof leak.. and dont know why i didn before . an adjuster is coming out to look at it next week .. so I might get a new roof NO leaks.. whew hew... that will be a big worry off my mind. the water runs down my wall into the fuse box and then out. I guesse im lucky i havent had a fire becasue of it. but Im learning to do things.. like call people that can do something about it. wonder if they will fix the inside celing where the water damage is? hummmm well see.

good grief just looked out the window at commotion an the gelding is acting all studly again.. ive got two and I cut them both a year ago and they are both still tooo stud like. ahhh.. cant put Lobo out cause he's killed two geldings allready ( before he was cut) its been a year I was hopin gto get them all togeher again. more frustration. dont get me wrong on lobo the reason we still have him is he is a gantastick people horse. he adores people .. hates other boy horses.. cant be perfect right?
such is life on the farm..
blessed be )O(