april 12, 2011

Well I must be doing something right, So far my ten girls are happy chicks. Still havent gotten my coop built. having major motivation problems with my help ( 13yr old son enough said.!) I have been keeping them in the building at night with their light on and then all day I have had them outside in the x-pen to get exercise and get used to being outside. Cant help but smile when they come flying out of the carrier and fly up flapping wings, then squating all low and running like a goose.. so funny, mainly my red girls do the goose thing.. hahah.. which my red girls / What the heck are they? still dont know.
TSC needs to do better informing their clients what they are buying.. they are getting the most beautiful red mohaganie feathers on their head chest and frounts but from the wings back.. is creamy/ beige almost pink feathers. look like to differnt chickens pieced together. well see what happens.
Still dont know about my black girls? The two black girls that I got with the dark Bhramas ( who were suposed to be bhramas but< had I known then what I know now right?> who dont have feather on legs and are now looking barred. still dont look like any pictures yet to try to get their breed?
and then I have my little black pullet that I have no idea.( she is, I must admit, my favorite and the most spoiled allready, sience she's the only one of her kind i tend to take her out and go worming and bugging with her more often. ( i know thats not fair) . she is getting barred as well but she has white around her eyes and her ear tuffs. she has white tips on her featrhers and her britches are still creamy grey not like the others..

the Bhrama girls are all develping on their own time.. and we have a winner as far as the pecking order. Latifa yes as in Queen Latifa, she has develped the fastest and is the largest of all the girls and she has the most beautiful shawl of big feathers across her shoulders. the other two dont have the shawl yet.. she is pretty but she knows it too.. i wish I had a camera to add pics.

I was thinking they were 6 weeks but their younger than that, they're only 4 weeks now. hum time goes so fast at least it seams so. I guesse its a good thing the coop isnt ready or my hisband would demand I get them out of his building.. this way.. opps sorry their too young any way..
Loving my girls