I would venture to call myself a modern hippy. Along with my appetite for health and sustainability, I work as an MFT Intern, and on the weekends I adorn bodies with henna. You will also often find me helping my husband with our technology business endeavors.
Instead of traditional landscaping, we opted to make use of our nearly 1/3 acre of land here in the city. Several garden boxes, loads of dirt and lots of sweat later, we had ourselves a lovely garden capable of producing incredible amounts of fresh produce. Our Urban Farmstead is located in the Sacramento Valley. We are a zone 9 and have nearly 250 days of frost free weather.
Im building my first flock, I currently have a 4mo silkie I have named fern, a 4mo Sizzle I named Fizzle.

I also have an Ameraucana (Q), a Welsemmur (Elsie), and a Buff Orpington (Peach) all born 2/16.

chicks at 4 weeks. Elsie, Peach and Q