Arabesque Coops
***page is currently under construction, as are the coops and run***

Here is one of the coops, I purchased this one and am currently in the process of cleaning it, repainting the trim, and making a new ramp for the entry door. It is about 4x6 with 6 nest boxes and perches inside. The bottom is made of a heavy wire mesh to allow for extra ventilation but can also be easily blocked off to keep heat in.



Here is the second coop being built. I have made this one 4x6 as well. This one has a solid bottom with smaller 4 in wide vents on either side which I will cover with hardware cloth. I will cover the wooden flooring with some kind of linoleum for ease of cleaning and then will also be able to hose out to the vents on the edges of the coop. I have framed in on the front for a window but am still working on getting all the framing done for the nest boxes, windows, and doors. Also I need to make sure to get the roosts up and where I want those before I put on the side walls.



I am hoping to get out this Memorial Day weekend and finish up everything. I already have the coops moved where I need them and have 3 walls on the 2nd coop. We did cut the legs down by 1 ft each to make it fit in the run once we put a roof over the run to keep out aerial predators. I will try to get updated pictures this weekend!!