This is our main rooster for our bantam Araucana flock. Cappy is a rumpless/tailless, nontufted rooster.
We decided on a non-tufted rooster because of the "death gene". Araucanas are prone to high mortality rate if tufted birds are bred together.. With a NONTUFTED rooster, hatching is much more successful.. although, NONtufted birds are not considered show quality, but can be used in breeding programs.
The hens of our breeding flock are tufted and tailless/rumpless; except for one who is also non-tufted.We have two other white bantam tufted/rumpless/tailless hens and one gorgeous black splash hen, tufted and tailless, but considered non breed standard because she is wrong color. She came out of a splash to white hen breeding.. pictures coming soon!