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Our main focus is Bourbon Red turkeys and French Marans.
By mandelyn · Apr 6, 2018 · ·
  1. mandelyn
    We have a small hobby farm geared towards Bourbon Red turkeys and several chicken breeds kept for dual purpose. We breed from our own flock and occasionally have spares, though selling is not our main focus. Our set-up includes 7 stalls with outdoor runs attached to each, a seclusion stall and 2 grow out stalls, each with a brooder inside. Along with an additional 2 coops and pasture tractors for grow out. We do rotational turnout onto pasture to improve and supplement their diet.

    We installed weather-proof string over the outdoor runs to deter hawks, the pop doors are closed every night.


    The barn was originally built in 1903 and used for cattle and equipment. It's a work in progress to save it. We've expanded the loft to offer better support and security. We're framing and insulating the walls as we work our way around.


    Poultry has been a life long hobby for me, starting when I was little. With the support of my husband I've been able to do the hobby some justice. It's a lot of work but we wouldn't do it differently!


    We breed towards the standard, if one exists. Otherwise we're breeding towards dual purpose and good table type, with good chick vigor and growth.

    We prefer large type Heritage or rare breeds and currently have Marans in Blue, Black, Splash, Birchen and Black Copper, French/American Bresse, as well as some fun hybrids.

    French Marans, we look for the wide body type and good/better egg color.


    Black Coppers are up and coming!


    The Bresse are strange birds, outgoing and friendly, intelligent and aware. We have a blended flock from American and the French Greenfire Farms line.

    bresse.jpg chi3.jpg

    Bourbon Red Turkeys are the favorite! Out of show stock, we're on our 3rd generation with them. We've recently added Narragansett turkeys from a good line, they're coming along nicely!

    t2.jpg t4.jpg turkey1.jpg

    We've had many other breeds in the past, these are who we've narrowed it down to based on our preferences.

    We have other chickens as hens only, without the matching male. We have them for layers or to create specific hybrids.

    We have a rigid rooster selection process, retaining just 10% of what we hatch. For hens we retain any where from 30%-60% depending on hatch results. Sometimes I only have one male left who made the cut, so we take the utmost care in preserving their health and well being.

    Life is too short to keep a mean bird around! Give them a different purpose. From a breeding standpoint, you eat some to preserve the rest. Look towards the next generation for improvement. In a safe coop environment, it falls to the caretaker to handle the selection process, in the absence of natural selection. Maintaining type to protect the breed expectation while keeping good genetic diversity are both important points.

    Visit our website to learn more about keeping poultry!

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    My poultry hobby has turned into Arcadian Orchard, after leaving the city to live a more rural life. We've ventured further into gardening and growing food, since my husband's thumb is more green while mine is decidedly feathery.
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  1. NightingaleJen
    Beautiful birds—and barn, too. That is a handsome building, and good on you for trying to save it. Important work.
    1. mandelyn
      Thank you! Still working on it.
  2. casportpony
    Great article!
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  3. N F C
    Beautiful birds, thanks for sharing them!
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    1. mandelyn
      Thank you!
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  4. techbsmith
    What a great set-up! I'm envious, as I don't have the room to do that. Thanks for sharing the photo's and details on your poultry!
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    1. mandelyn
      Thank you! It's always a work in progress!

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