Are these roosters?

By Annaafranqueza · Sep 4, 2019 · ·
  1. Annaafranqueza
    1A0D25DD-314D-4C43-A526-32F4D36C0FEE.jpeg Can anyone tell me if these two barred rock are roosters? They are 10 weeks old.

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  1. Cyprus
    Yes, those are cockerels.

    It would be better to make a thread in the What Breed and Gender is this? Forum. Click on the chat bubble with the three dots in it to find the forum list, then scroll down.
  2. N F C
    Nice looking birds! If you post your question and photo on this forum, you'll get other member's opinions:
    What Breed Or Gender is This?
    (You're in the Articles section right now.)
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