Hi there, I'm an Arizona native and currently living in Arizona City. Made it out of the desert a few times only to find my way back again. I have 6 great kids ranging from 16 months to 31 years old, and two grandsons.
I have always had a love for animals and when I was younger always brought home goats, or any other stay I could find. I always dreamed of owing my own chickens and raising eggs for the family. Now that dream has come true. When a girlfriend was moving out of state she gave us her four hens and it was love at first site. Within days the kids were able to hold them and just had such much love for them. Two weeks later we added a flock of Appenzeller Spitzhaubens to our family. They have so much personality and we have spent hours of family time just watching them interact with each other. I have so much to learn about chickens and all but am currently putting together a brooder box for when my eggs hatch. It's all so eggciting.
We also have a wonderful boxer and two cats.. One is a long haired beauty and the other a orange tom.

Any tips on chicken raising in Arizona is much appriected... have a great day!!