Arkansas - Schedule of monthly Auctions, Swaps, etc. in or near Arkansas

By Puddin Fluff · May 10, 2015 · Updated May 20, 2015 · ·
  1. Puddin Fluff
    Hello all,

    draye and I have mostly been maintaining the Arkansas Swaps thread and thought it would be good to have a permanent list that was easy to access for all regarding the current regularly occurring Auctions and Swaps in the state.

    If you have any information regarding Auctions/Swaps in the state, please PM one of us with as much information as you can get such as dates, times, tester on site, fees, contact phone number.

    Bare with us while we compile and edit and figure out how to link all of this.

    London, AR - First Saturday of every month, small animal auction. Blood testing beginning about 8:00, Auction begins at 10:00.

    Russellville, AR - Every Saturday, Poultry Swap at Farmers Co-op.

    Bebe, AR - Every Saturday, Poultry Swap, Begins early, lasts until people go home, tester on site, $3.00 set up fee.

    Saline County - May 30th. Auction begins at 12:00 noon.

    Hot Springs - June 20th. Auction begins at 11:00 A.M.

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  1. HARRY47264
    Where is the swap in Bebe AR
  2. HARRY47264

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