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  1. Righteous Rstr
    As a boy my pop, a full Col in the Army Air Corps which became USAF in 1958 or so.
    Never stopped with self produced meat and produce as well as fish and quahogs an
    local Indian name for giant bay clams. The only food we purchased was the PX store
    in Groton CT(sub-base) which of course was First quality, wholesale priced,duty free
    (no tax) despite these gifts for flying 168 bombing raids ,living to tell about them. He
    always made sure we maintained a egg/meat producing flock . We were by todays
    std affluent.$ never entered the picture.This was a tradition Polish/Russian children
    were taught from 4yo . My uncle inherited and ran 850? + acres. Needless to say my
    4 cousins and I became slave labor, now called O.J.T. I learned traditional methods
    and basic methods for procreating more food. These were taught usally with a belt.

    Both my folks grew up in 1930 great depression, then my pop joined the A.A.CORP.
    in 1939 he was on active duty 7,December, 1941 when Pearl was decimated as you
    may know war (which we were avoiding) was declared on the "evil axis". My dad
    flew over 115 missions as a bomber pilot on several "B" series aircraft over the EU
    theater. As grannie protested and begged, he survived. We as an American family
    were encouraged to raise fowl and plant a victory garden, this freed up the farmers
    to raise crops to feed GI'S. A great many of these shipments abroad were sunk by
    U-BOATS from Nazi Germany ! At that point it was every patriots duty to feed each
    family and offer up any extras to "our boys".

    The point is simple ,when American Patriots become self sufficient with our needs
    the bulk of pre-processed M.R.E.'S become much more available to our boys in
    harms way overseas. I've seen historical posts on BYC clearly stating that it's our
    duty to raise and keep 2 hens for every family member. Granted that was 75+yrs
    ago .In my mind what is so different today ?? We as patriots need to incorporate
    RI reds ,leghorns ,barred rocks as food. While I'm totally cool with the specialty
    breeds and their proliferation, we must also add our healthy eggs and meat to the
    masses. They think KFC and Frank Perdue are the benchmark ! I speak for me &
    mine that both + other corporate providers products get their flavor from Fatty skin.

    We know the way it is and the way it's supposed to be ! I CANNOT stomach eggs
    or poultry from grocery stores. Most of those who I let try truly organic eggs never
    ask again !!! Quote they taste "funny" to me. DUH!!!! All of this means simply, we
    need to re-aquaint America to whole food one "piggy at a time" any thoughts ???


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  1. ChemicalchiCkns
    Why the large empty Space at the End?
  2. Whittni
    I think Americans should be self-sufficient if possible, as some people live in small apartments without a porch or something. My generation is the next going into the "real world" and I'm a bit worried myself. I hope I'll be able to change how the road looks and never give into anything I stand against. I'm going to achieve great things in life and change whatever it is that my path leads too in a positive way and I think if kids these days would have that in mind today I might be satisfied. That is my opinion, and I enjoyed your story.

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