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By ErniesFlock · Sep 6, 2014 · ·
  1. ErniesFlock
    Here is an anecdote of no small amusement:

    Shortly after Johnson our Rooster was eaten by a bear I decided to look for a new rooster.(See "The Three Little Pigs (Except with Chickens) Story moved to Member Pages) Partly cause I missed him and partly cause the hens were getting way out of line. Almost a state of chaos. Definitely felt they needed some direction. We searched and found a man here on the coast that had roosters and chicks... wooo what a way to sooth a broken heart than having some baby chicks around to look at. So we went and collected our new (and still current) Rooster named Oscar. At the time he was just a youngster and got his *** beat on most days by the girls but he climbed his way up and now runs our yard.

    I also picked 4 chicks the first ones we had ever had seeing how we got our ISA's already 4 months old. These little guys were 3 weeks old and cute! 1 Chabo, 1 OEGB (which was suppose to be another chabo) and 2 Silkies. Although it didnt completley take away the loss of Johnson it sure did bring much joy to us. About a week later I called up the man in Roberts Creek where we got the chicks and asked if he had anymore of the 50 he had when we were there. Silkies, Japanese Bantams and apparently Old English Game Bantams. With sadness in his voice he said that a bobcat had gotten to the brooder in the barn and killed every chick. Hmm so the 4 we had were very lucky Id say... and had the Bear not come for Johnson we would not have gone and gotten those chicks and they too would have been Bobcat food. The Creator, God, Higher Power what ever you want to call it... definitely was working in our lives and thoses little banty chicks lives that day!

    The Bantam Gang:

    Here are pictures of our flock.You can klik on image mouse over image for additional info!

    "Bantam Gang"
    Getting settled in for the night.


    Have a dust bath in my redwood tree pot​

    He enjoys when his wattles flap in the wind


    "Isbar & Silkie"
    Shot for a Chicken calendar 2015​

    "Donny & Marie"
    Summer nights on the deck.

    Let the day begin!​

    "Bantam Gang"
    Taking their dust bath together like they do everytime. Kinda weird.


    Enjoying a dust bath for the first time.​

    "Johnsons Chicks"
    Sitting in their tupperware container while I clean out the brooder.


    "Meet The New Boss"

    The one and only!

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  1. Lilorp14
    "Donny & Marie are they Plymouth rocks or marans. and Johnson was he a new Hampshire red just asking because he looks like our rooster pine. and i am so sorry for your loss
  2. N F C
    Beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing your flock with us.
  3. ErniesFlock
    I wanted to take a minute and express my gratitude for all the nice comments. Also thankyou BYC judges who picked my photo among the hundreds of wonderful photos on backyardchicken.com I am humbled and feel very fortunate to have been picked. I have never won a contest before so it is an honor and a half. Although Squeakys pic is not my favorite how lucky is he to be viewed by 1300+ people! He has NO idea lol Ill tell you a story about ol Sqeaks, he was an assisted hatch as he sat in his egg with the lid off for more than 10 hours! I was so afraid what I was going to find when I finally pulled him out of his lower shell. He aquired the name Squeaky cause his chirp is raspy very different than the others. I transfered him to the hatcher he was still all wet and I didnt have high hopes for him as he appeared weak. The next day I looked in the hatcher and I was wondering which one he was (I say he but very well could be a she) and it wasnt until he started chirping I knew :) He has had a few challenges since being born July 9, he came down with what I think was Coccidiosis and hit him hard. He was literally pooing straight blood he was crying and all fruffled feathers. We were bummed. I fueled his water with Corid and gave him some believe this... breast milk.. and kept an eye for several days. It took him about a week to recover and in that time his hatch mates had all grown... considerably! He didnt and so he has become the runt and for some reason his feathers havnt caught up yet either... he is pretty haggered looking on the best of days he is a lavender Orpington with no rump feathers at all! He/she and his hatch mate The Swede a Bielefelder roo run the small flock they have become. Squeaky is in charge.

    Thanks again everyone I am frantically working on my min video for the vid contest which is going to end ANY day I am sure I am about 80% done. Maybe today!

  4. MsPoultry
    That's such an adorable flock!
  5. lightchick
    Lovely flock!
  6. MyPetNugget
    Cute flock!! :D
  7. chickincrazy
    Beautiful birds!
  8. FourteenChicks
    You could say Squeaky is 'squeaky clean'
  9. emma p
    Oh I LOVE the "Meeting the New Boss" photo! Lovely photos!
  10. ErniesFlock
    Oh my God @Tatianna I am so so sorry to here this horrible news. I know how you feel. I mentioned in the story that my friend Phil had all his chicks taken by a weasel dug a hole up in the brooder in the barn and took each chick one at a time :-( Seems so unfair. My sponsor told me to be careful after all EVERYONE & THING wants to eat chickens. Please accept my condolences :-( I hope you enjoy your new flock Ill have to visit your page to see what kind and how they are growing :) Thanks for reading and sharing :)
  11. Tatianna
    You are so right, nothing takes the place of the lost birds....however each new chick brings something special and it helps heal the wounds...It is so hard though....most of us have loved and lost....people at work always ask me "why do you keep getting chickens when you know something can take them?" ( my entire flock went to a weasel this summer during the day) I can't answer that question, except I am so excited to have my new chicks and missed my girls so much that I really wanted to do it all over again....Maybe I need chicken therapy :)
  12. shelldero
    Your photos are beautiful!!
  13. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  14. ChickyChickens
    Sorry to hear about Johnson but in the meanwhile congratualtions on the new members of your flock!!!

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