Diary of a VikingCoop Chicken
it all began with an Auction for Icelandic Chicken Eggs....
As these are special Chickens, they needed a special house ~ A Viking Long Coop


I purchased a Fast Framer Kit, designed to make a 7x8 shed with no angle cuts and a 2x4 constructiuon.
I made a few changes to the design, all the lumber with the exception of the roof is preasure treated lumber & I raised the upright length to 6ft

The foundation is made from reclamed 2x4's
the back is raised onto cinder blocks, the front onto a 2x4, the sides rest on 2x6's dug into the ground to make the foundation more or less level.

Uprights are attached with the metal brackets from the kit. It's really windy here in Central TX so I toe'd in the uprights with 3 1/2 in screws
also added were the cross supporsts between the uprights

then came the front & back roof joists and the front door frame

then the rest of the roof joists, window framing, and chicken wire in the windows

then came paint - got a $5 can of woops paint at home depot and painted all the interior surfaces

added 2 of the 3 planned roosts

time to start adding siding - I am using a mixture of new and reclaimed cedar fence pickets

siding on the front is done and part way on the 2 sides

Today (4/9/2011) got the windows painted and framed and...

got the run installed (10x20)

1st of 2 chicken doors - this one leads into the run - got a few pieces of cedar on the back wall as well

got the coop door on - It's lined on the inside with chicken wire to keep them safe but allow air in

All done - with the tin roof and decorations on

Detail of Roof

Detail of window

happy resident - Icelandic Roo named Vladimir (Vlad)