Welcome to our page to become more familiar with us. We live in Southeastern Oklahoma a few miles from the small town of Stuart where out kids attend school and we go to church.
We, Allen and Sally Hester, welcome you to our BYC page. We moved to our current home in 1998 after Allen leaving the Army due to injuries and health issues ending a career starting as an E-1 and retiring as a Captain. Until recently Allen, a Registered Nurse, worked at at McAlester Regional Health Center. Sally is a school teacher with McAlester Public Schools.
We have 3 terrific sons ages 12, 16, and 21. Ty, the baby, is acitve in 4-H showing goats, chickens, and ducks while also helping his dad do woodwork. Colby is the middle Son that is President of Stuart FFA and shows goats, D'Uccles, and Call Ducks while being the one that has to be the one that takes over the heavy work on the place. Colby also works for one of the local ranchers and still finds time to take part in church activities. Aaron, our oldest, is an Army Combat Medic for the Scouts in the 82nd ABN and has married a beautiful Alabama girl, Tori, that is a Medic in the Alabama National Guard.
Allen's life outside the military led him down the rode professional reining horse trainer while working with 4-H/FFA kids with horses and goats. We raise boer goats and have recieved national recognition with our herd. Due to Allen's health horse training had to be left behind and the boer goat herd has gotten smaller to become less of a strain on the family. So now Allen's love for animals has taken him to breed and show chickens and call ducks. And it looks like he will be able to work with them for the rest of his life.
We have Cochin chickens in both Bantam and Giant Standards in the colors Black, Blue, Burchen, and Partridge. Allen attained all the Cochin breeding stock from flocks that have reached the status of Master Breeders to ensure we started out the right way. We and the boys have attained Seramas from the flocks of Jerry S., in Louisiana, and Grady Taylor, in Florida, to build the best breeding stock they could attain. Allen allso searched out some of the best Call Duck Breeders in the business and attained stock from Dennis Fuller and Jerry/Rebecca Foley. We have Call Ducks in Gray, Silver Appleyard, and Butterscotch.
Through BYC we look forward to visiting with you and meeting those of you that are in Oklahoma face-to-face at the various activities,
Allen & Sally Hester