AshStars Brooder For Cricket And Peep

  1. AshStarTheChickMom
    The Brooder i Have For My Chicks is a Medium Sized Box From Home Depot.
    The Picture Under These Words Are The Warm Side Of The Brooder, They Have a Rock, Paper Bedding, And Their Food. light side of brooder.JPG This is The Shaded Half, This Has Their Water And Then a Nice Area To Sleep in, it Has Paper Beding Too. dark side of the brooder.JPG Soon We Will Get Them Some Bird Toys, And When April Comes i Will Bring Them Outside a Few Times a Day Till Their Full Grown Hens.

    This is Peep, The Older Hen And The More Dominant:
    And This is Cricket, The Youngest And She Follows Peep Most Of The Time:
    Whenever i Change The Box, Add Something, Or Peep And Cricket Change i Will Edit This.

    Please Do Tell Me About Things i Should Add To Their Brooder!!

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