Aunt Jenny the Polish

By hwoodbridge887 · Dec 2, 2014 · ·
  1. hwoodbridge887
    Aunt Jenny, our Polish. 8 weeks old at time of post. From Lancaster Fancy Fowl, purchased at 6 weeks. She's scared of everything, but has THE BEST personality. Super funny and curious...and Muppet-like.


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  1. crazyfeathers
  2. murat
    Feed the health grew very nice
  3. BYC Project Manager
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  4. City-Chickee
    So cute :) Love the head feathers
  5. lovepeeps
    Super cute
  6. Cheryl1948
    Oh my gosh....soooo cute. Aunt Jenny, perfect name! Luv her
  7. horselover101
    Oh my goodness, she is soo cute!
  8. chickenlover432
    <<Is she mine??? Awwww I want her!! Give her to me!!
  9. sunflour
    So cute. Although blonde, reminds me of the later years of Elvis!
  10. Yorkshire Coop
    Aunt Jenny looks lovely!! Very cute and such a sweet face [​IMG]
  11. MarcoPollo
    She is so cute! Looks like she has a hairdo!
  12. Mellow1
    A little sweetie pie...adorable!
  13. birdman55
    so cute i cant wait for my pair to get here....
  14. chickincrazy
    She's ADORABLE! I used to own four. The were great.
  15. Lilorp14
    so cute...and puffy!

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