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  1. The Red Rooster
    Auntie came to us from a farmer who really wasn't selling chickens. Our work took us out into Nisland (a very small town in South Dakota). The farmer told us he had chickens, but he only wanted to sell the chicks. Finally, after a little persuasion, he decided to let go of two of his hens. He sold Auntie (BR) and Henny Penny (Gold star).

    Auntie was wild from the start. She gave me a sound peck on the hand when I tried to touch her head. She was very shy, and didn't want to come near me. Over the years, I had to gain her trust.

    Now she's 4 years old, and has given me much joy over the years. This chicken has done everything-including falling into a bucket of oil! I just love her. [​IMG]



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  1. brahmakid11
  2. auntie tee
    I love this picture! The dog looks a lot like my Barney, but he would not be staring placidly at a chicken.
  3. WitchChick
    Love this picture. Gives me hope that my dog and my chickens will live in harmony one day :).
  4. ChickenPeep
    Great story and pics, thanks for sharing!
  5. mdguffey
    Great picture! i have 2 BR, they are very personable, they love to eat right out of my hand, they are rapidly becoming my favorites.
  6. FarmingForFun
    Auntie what a great name! I have a BR named Grandma, she is a sweet old girl. Love the cart!
  7. judyki2004
  8. MadelineHere
    oh and your "cart" is an inspired design! :)
  9. MadelineHere
    I think Auntie was incredibly lucky to find a home with someone who would "gain her trust" over the years, and not just pop her in a pen and throw feed at her once a day. We know how common that is for many many chickens.
    Even if her first owner was a "nice chicken guy" you could have been something different. Many people won't even approach a chicken that has pecked them just once.
    Thanks for being a "thoughtful' animal owner.
  10. TwoCrows
    How sweet is that picture!! Your story just warms the heart!
  11. highpointfarm
  12. chirpchirpchook
    auntie is sooooo pretty
  13. The Red Rooster
    Hello cblakley,
    It looks like you can only post pictures of kids and chickens. Can you post pictures for dogs and chickens as well?
  14. cblakley0531
  15. msladyhawke
    What a great pic!!! And, a wonderful story as well...
  16. anderson8505
    Congrats! Awesome pic, at first glance it made me want to click on it to learn more. Go Auntie!
  17. QueenBeeMom
    A well deserved picture of the week! Such characters! .... I don't plan on ever having a dog- can a hook a cart like that up to my little monkey boys? They act like animals sometimes.
  18. The Red Rooster
    Thank you everyone!
  19. chickenlover237
  20. ChickenLeg
  21. GoldenSparrow
    great pictures!
  22. TownhouseSeramas
    Love the cart picture it looks like the dog is saying "Are you serious?" lol Very cute, she looks like a sweet girl.
  23. shober
    I have a barred rock who likes to leave the coop and run area and lay her egg behind an outside bathroom we call a cabana. When I go to put them to bed, she is found sleeping on the diving board of the pool waiting for me!! I have called her Odysseus. Because of her journey!
  24. wood&feathers
    I love the cart picture. Your dog looks just like our Vixey. She is incredibly patient but I dunno abput cart pulling!?!
  25. Nifty-Chicken
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  26. The Red Rooster
    Thank you, everyone.
  27. itsmechrissy
    Great story and pictures, thanks for sharing!
  28. parkerpeeps7
    Love the pic with the dog! :)
  29. <3 N.C Chicken Chick <3
    She looks like a Auntie. ;) Whats the story with the oil?
  30. The Red Rooster
    I had that in mind. Watching jauck pulling the cart with Auntie in the back is hilarious!
  31. BantamoftheOpera
    The picture with the dog is priceless! Did you build that cart specifically for her?

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