Aussie Shack

By Occawen · Jan 18, 2014 ·
  1. Occawen
    Welcome to the build of a much needed upgrade for our chickens. We live in a corrugated iron house on 10 acres, and want to build a coop which reminds us of an Australian shack.

    User requirement:
    - Ventilation during our hot summers.
    - Protection from snakes
    - Ability for kids to get eggs from outside the coop.
    - Storage for food.
    - Water tank from roof to water chickens (we're on tank water anyway)
    - Aussie shack look.
    - Big enough to keep them 'cooped up' in the run when away for a few days (normally they just roam around the property)
    - Laying boxes, because we struggle to find their new laying locations every few days.
    - Eventually, automatic door opening and closing for protection against foxes.

    So far, I only have the following inspiration. I'll post plans and updates as we get further.


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