When the girls aren't in their coop or their run, they're out in the backyard, freeranging. But when they're in their coop, this is their home. There is a composter to help with the chicken poo as well as the other yard waste. those are blueberry bushes and an apple tree along the fence.
Above and below: The Coop, and all the surrounding area are monitored by night vision cameras, as well as lights that come on in the event that there is something crawling around out there at night. My dogs protect the chickens and there is a doggie door that allows them to hit the coop area in 3 seconds flat should anything be out of sorts.
Below:The terrastone path guides you through a trellaced gate and into the coop area which is protected by a bird mesh roof and a run that is regularly filled with leaves and wood chips. Remember, I am surrounded by houses and this coop is about 15 feet from my neighbors house. smells are minimal as I only have 3 chickens and i use several composters, one in the deep pile of the coop and the other in the regular composter.
Below: The coop has 2 nestboxes in the back with pine shavings that can lift out. the entire coop is a split level and is separated by plex decking slats (made of plastic and easily washable) that can slide and be replaced. the poo falls down between the slats and is brushed off daily. food and water also rest in the corners of the coop and a hydrometer rests inside so I know the temperature and humidity inside the coop. The coop roof is on a hinge and simply lifts up like a hood of a car for easy access. the front that covers the door is protected by plastic strips that act like a curtain that the chickens push aside and walk through to help keep the heat in in the winter.