Black Created by Chickndaddy
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Bantam Black Australorps are a beautiful breed of chicken that originated in Australia with the Orpington being used in its development. They are a soft feathered bird with glossy black feathers with a beetle-green overlay. This breed has a single comb, medium in size with five points. They should have dark eyes and shanks. Australorps are also available in a large fowl as well as in blue, splash and white. Rumors talk of work being done towards a Lavender Australorp as well. Bantams being bred for show rather than utility aren't the best layers but should lay between 200-250 eggs per year. Less, however is common. Eggs are larger than the standard bantam egg and a medium to light brown in shell color. Adult males should way no more than 2.2 lbs and mature hens no more than 1.7. They are a delightful breed. Very inquisitive and darling to take care of. Males are non-aggressive and both sexes are easily handled. Birds are easily raised on wire but seem to do better on the ground. And they look gorgeous free-ranging in the evenings on a grassy lawn.




Description / Information


Ricky, my rooster, around 3 years of age.​


Lucy, my hen, around 6 months of age.​