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    Black Created by littlecreekfarm
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    Black Australorp Originated in Australia and were developed from black orpingtons and other breeds such as cochins. They are very sweet, calm,docile and affectionate. My australorp will sit in my lap all day and loves people! They lay brown eggs and have a pretty green sheen to their feathers. They have a single comb, dark eyes and black legs. They are the friendliest chickens I own!





    Description / Information


    This is my black australorp pullet at 4 days old. Australorp are very friendly and docile.​


    This is my black australorp pullet at 10 days​


    Same pullet at 2 months​

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  1. tnmommy
    Even my rooster is docile, unless you mess with his hens lol. I had to put hen saddles on them, and he didn't like me "bothering" his girls. He didn't attack, because it was me. But if I had been a predator, I feel sure he would have attacked. But with people? He's a sweetie.
  2. laura625
    mine arent quite as friendly as my RIRs but the austrolorps have the Softest feathers! so nice to pet
  3. Sussexpenthouse
    These chooks will not attack. Very docile and calm. Beautiful birds.
  4. Rasuka
    Thank you for this information! I just ordered about 4 of these.
    And I was hopping this kind of breed won't attack anybody. Because at my house we have a lot of family get togethers, and there are children. I'm pretty sure the kids would leave the chickens a lone though.

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