Austrolover1's Best BYC Friends!!!!!

By austrolover1 · Jul 22, 2016 · Updated Sep 17, 2016 · ·
  1. austrolover1
    Hi guys! Everyone has been telling me that I need to make one of these so here goes! If I miss anyone by accident, please tell me lol!

    chicken4prez- Lily was my first BYC buddy and I have enjoyed getting to know her so much. She has given me tips for my chickens and overall has been awesome!!

    Alexandra33- Alex has been so great to me since I joined! We really hit it off when I found out that she liked Rosecomb bantams too! She has been an AWESOME BYC friend!

    ChickenLover200- Isobel has been great to talk to! She loves horses and I really enjoy hearing about them and getting to know her more!

    cutiechook1- Lillian is the best sis in the world! She is fun to be around and likes Emergencies/ Diseases/ Injuries and Cures and Role Plays...

    Mountain Peeps- Sarah has taught me a lot about chickens and I LOVE reading her articles! She is a great BYC example and I am enjoying getting to know her more!

    RodNTN - I have only know her for a few days, but I am really enjoying chatting with her and can't wait to get to know her better!

    You don't know how much you guys mean to me! Also to all my BYC Acquaintances that I'm getting to know better, that goes for you too!

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  1. austrolover1
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Thank you very much, Emma! This is so sweet and I'm honored to be one of the members listed. :)
  3. RodNTN
    Thank you soo much Emma! You mean a lot to me! And I am very proud to call you my BYC friend! *HUGS* Your the best!
  4. cutiechook1
    Thanks, Em! Love you!
  5. Alexandra33
    Thanks so much, Emma!!!!!! Really means a lot to me! :) *HUGS* You're awesome.
  6. ChickenLover200
    Lol. It's fine. Not sure why it wouldn't work. Thanks!
  7. chicken4prez
    Thanks, Emma!!!!!!!!!
  8. austrolover1
    Chickenlover200, I can't make your name turn blue... sorry about that. Nothing against you I promise. lol

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