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Pepper is a barred Plymouth Rock. We brought her home at the beginning of September 2011 as a two week old chick. She has been a favorite from the beginning. It always seemed some kid had her perched on their shoulder when she was little. She started laying small tan eggs mid-January. She is a good family chicken. She'll even let our 18 month old catch her. When we bought chickens, we picked five different breeds, and she is by far our favorite.
We bought Belina as a two week old Chick at the end of September 2011. We think she is a Red Star. She runs free range with the rest of our flock Of the five we bought, she started laying first the second week of January 2012. We were quite surprised to get eggs so soon! We weren't expecting any until February at the earliest. She doesn't care to be held, but she doesn't peck at the kids when they manage to catch her. This is our first time having chickens and so far we love it!

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