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My Chicks at One Week Five Buff Orpingtons. And five "reds" that are probably either Production Reds, RIRs or New Hampshire Reds. Two are as below, and three of the second darker color.
I really wanted pullets, so I got some guaranteed pullet chicks. If anyone's a boy, he's going back to the farm store! Or I'll find him a good home...I'm not sure what they do with ones that are returned. How is it legal for anything to be this cute?!
They've grown! 11 weeks old and the Orp boys all have new homes. Horace Alice, now named "Pooka" at his new home
Millie Duck, in the foreground, with Daisy (Little) in the background. Millie and Little are the ones who started it all. Millie sadly was killed by a hawk in April 2010, so I got Little two Call duck friends. Here are Roger (front) and Hattie (rear). How did this happen??? ROGER!
My ladies are all grown, now. Here they are last summer, at about 1 year of age, enjoying watermelon. You can see in this photograph that some are feather-picked. We had a rough winter last winter and they all started feather picking very badly. Over the summer, I applied "pinless peepers" to all but the worst picked chickens and now we are back to full-feathered glory, after a molt. We'll see how they do once they start laying again. I noticed that when they are molting and off...

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