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Updated: 5/11/13 I will do side swaps, just PM me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swaps I owe: GableBabble, 3/?, WYGS,6+ Malay/Blue Crele, and/or JGs Profti, April, 6+ Project mix Reesepoultry, April, 3+ S Ams, 3+ S Cochin Swaps owed to Me: MNShepherdess- Sheep fleece 2/9/12...
Mottled Anconas Leghorn/Game Dominique Easter Eggers Silkied Cochin Project Silkied Dorking/Cochin BBS Jersey Giants (Currently with an Olive egger rooster) Seramas Araucana Rumpless EE rooster over Rumpless Araucana hen, both clean faced Blue Crele Splash Silkied Ameraucanas Silkied Rooster over Split Hens
My Chicken Coop! In the process of building All finished, have added a few more ventilation holes on the front The chick pen (aka old swingset)
I live in South Georgia and am currently working on expanding my flock. I now have Guineas and Turkeys too! My very first chickens were blue, green, and black. We got them at an Easter egg hunt at church. We gave them to a friend when they were about 2 months old. My next batch of chickens came from an Amish auction when I was staying with family in Maryland in November. I now have a nice green coop, a swingset coop, and a couple brooders. Chickens!!

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