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Welcome to pictures of my flock! Pandora (Easter egger cockerel): Sephora (Easter egger pullet): Opal (red sex link hen): Maddie {back corner} (red sex link): Rose & Nancy (Rose {White EE} Nancy {mix, blue}): Hallie and Cowboy (Hallie {EE bantam hen} Cowboy {BTB Japanese bantam rooster}): Left to right, Daisy (Black sex link), SS (blue orp), Sassy (blue orp) hens: Big Heifer (blue orp hen): Thank you for reading! Updated: 10/14/18
So you did it, you went and got a few chooks for your backyard. They’re laying now, and you’ve decided you want to get started selling eggs! :bun Now comes the question- how do I get started? ~Kayla~

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