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Articles from motherhen71185

My flock Introductions: I will try to keep them up to date as possible. The first set of girls I got as chicks in February -2013 Goldie - Buff Orpington Lacey - Gold Laced Wyandotte Wendy - Silver Laced Wyandotte Black Betty - Black Austrolorp Rose - Barred Rock Sweety - French Black Copper Maran Sally - Salmon Favarolle Ellie - Easter egger Silkie - My eternaly Boroody black silkie. Pretty Boy - French black copper maran rooster The chicks that hatched 6/21/13 2- cream legbar cockerals 2...
Here is a list of things I have available to swap: I will add more as I get/find stuff. 1 Swap Items: 2 Swap Items: (pick 1 per 2 swaps) ½ swap Items: (pick 2 per 1 swap) ¼ swap Items: ( pick 4 per 1 swap) If you have questions just ask! J Thanks!

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