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A quick blow-by-low on how to keep free-range chickens slightly under control.
This coop was my birthday present from my parents and a serious upgrade for the flock.
This article covers the basics and needs of how to feed your flock a healthy, balanced diet.
This is a day by day account of how we built my chicken coop; with a section at the bottom about the occupants.
these are rules of thumb for beginners and people new to chooks!
@Nats Chickens Queen Belle [pixie] Princess Tinky [pixie] and Good Witch Mini. @OldEnglishGameBantam33 Dragon Keeper Dutch and his daughter, Daisy. @Butterscotchbitesfinger Princess Butterscotch [fairy]. @PollyGirl21 Princess Lolly [pixie]. @Ducklover2 Prince Dave [fairy] and Princess Petunia [fairy] and Dragon Keeper Matilda.
Great for beginners just starting out that need to know a little bit about everything.
A beginners guide with terrible pics but will add more later.

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