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Chicken lice is SO hard to eradicate naturally—our farm story and how we vanquished them.
Below is a list of all the egg colors we offer on our little slice of farm haven, The Maine Homestead located on a mountain in Bucksport, ME. This chart can be used for a basic understanding of chicken egg color chart and breeding program selections. Tips for your own breeding experiments are under each heading. We ship hatching eggs to the lower 48 US states. French Black Copper Maran (Bred for Copper-Red Color Selection) Deep reddish-brown colored eggs These dark colored eggs with a red...
If you are looking for an all-around good homestead chicken with many great qualities, this may very well be your chicken breed of choice.
Recently, a few people asked me how I packaged hatching eggs, which materials are best for cushioning, how I kept it cost effective, and what carrier I used. So I made my first how-to video!

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