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Articles from urban dreamer

Name: Nichole (urban dreamer) Location: Sherwood Arkansas (10 mins. from Little Rock) Age: 21 Chickens: Zoii (barred rock), Emma (RIR) and Gladys and Ginger (EEs) -RIP Eva 3-22-2010 Coop: Coop no. 1: 9 ft long x 4 ft wide x 3 ft tall, Coop no. 2 : 8x8x6 Reason for keeping chickens: Pets, eggs, education, experience, fun Date: September-29-2009: We get the chickens Here's a picture of my Barred Rocks: They are both two years old and we named them Eva and Zoi. We gave them the names we had...
Page just for fun. If I come up with a good chicken doodle, I will post it. Rooster head Completed hen. Originally going to be a roo, but looked better as a hen. One of my hens has a BIG comb, so the head looks right to me. Mabey the body is too small? Phoenix Not sure what kinda chicken he would be, he's just pretty.

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