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** Our Lavender Orpington These are some of the first Lavender Orpingtons being developed and seen in the USA as of today along with a few other Colors from Our project Orpington lines(Lavender Mottled, Mottled and ultimately Jubilee and Possible Porcelain Orpingtons in the near future).. New Pic's coming soon Well as of July 29 2010 we have our 5th generation of lavender orpingtons in our brooders, should have some good results from the newest breedings for spring of 2011 Fresh 5th Gen...
Some ideas for home made brooders & purchased tub types Recycling old metal cabinets Large metal cabinet brooder smaller size metal cabinet Our Home made OSB ply brooder 4'x8'x2' Purchased rubber tub types from TSC small tub Large tub 160 gal ©
~~PA LAW~~ Sec. 2930. Amended March 29, 1996, Act. No. 1996-l3. Sec. 2930. Propagating permits. (a) Authorization. - No person shall propagate any game bird, wild bird, game animal or wild animal which is presently found in a wild state within this Commonwealth for the purpose of sale, barter, gift or other transfer of possession, or offer to sell or barter, unless that person has first obtained a permit from the commission authorizing the propagation of a game bird, wild bird, game...
~Hinkjc Mountain Poultry Coops~ Here's a few pictures of how some of our chickens are housed, we feel they get the best protection from the elements and predators opposed to how some keepers keep their chickens. All coops are closed up tight each and every night. "Housing & runs are the number one priority when considering raising any type of fowl." All of our coops are equipped with electric in them and have multiple wall outlets for water heaters to be plugged in etc. They also have...
Wild Eastern Turkey When selling Wild Eastern Turkeys in pa, one must be Propagated by the Pa Game Commission A pic of Our Wild Eastern Turkey Eggs ♥ Our Wild Eastern Turkey flock has approx 4400 sq ft of flight pen space ♥ &n bsp;
LF Lavender Araucana *USA Type* Well after getting our breeding pens finally set up about several weeks ago, we finally got some more fresh Lavender Araucana chicks in our brooders **Updated Chick pic's** Below: Breeding pen of Quetros (all are tufted and tailed, small & large tufts) in the mean time you can see and read some here [URL][/URL]
**Edwards Pheasants** "King Edward" the Edward Cock-bird Mutant Pheasant crosses Created using Blue-Back pheasants and Melanistic pheasants, One thing nice about these crosses is the colors you see in the adult offspring. Ive never gotten no two males a like in color, the females can also vary as well, from dark choc to light brown. When selling Any type of Chinese pheasants (all colors and crosses included) in pa, one must be Propagated by the Pa Game Commission **
Hink-jc's **Gold~N~Glam** Buff Orpington Young Buff Pullets 8-18-2009
LF Araucana ~More to come~
Butler & Pure White Bobwhite We have 6 breeding pens between the butlers and white bobwhite When selling Any type of bobwhite (all colors included) in pa, one must be Propagated by the Pa Game Commission Pens are all 8'-9'L x 3'W x 2'-3'H Pen in the rough, we built six of these and more in the works MORE
~White Orpingtons~
Breed Details: They make wonderful pets and make great table fair as well. Tom Hen Egg Poult Jake and Jenny's

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