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By macnugget · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. macnugget
    The purpose of this page is to show you how I was able to recycle medical waste into a useful product that and chicken person can use. I'm a Respiratory Therapist who uses ventilators everyday. Everyday we throw tons of usefully stuff away so one day I took a hard look at this humidifer that is attached to the ventilator and I got the bright idea to use it for an automatic waterER for my chicks and quail. What makes this device work so great is that it has a float inside so the water runs down the tubing to the humidifer and when it is full the flow stops. To make a simple no brainer waterer I drilled 1/8 hole on side of the humd. toward the bottom and below the high mark on the humd. Then glued the HUMD. to a planter dish I got from odd lots for $.50. I then used a 2litter bottle and drilled a hole in it at the side toward the bottom and gorrilla glued a piece of oxygen tubing to it. After it was dry 24hrs I hooked up the flow control tubing to the new connector on the bottle and filled the bottle with water. Then hooked up the humdifier to the other end of the control tubing and opened the lock to let water flow into the system( one thing to remember to make sure the bottle has the top on it loose ) you want water to flow easily, this is an open flow system which makes it great if you use a 5 gallon bucket and leave the top open with screen covering it then you can collect rain water to use. Heres a link to a system I use with pvc pipe to make it work with cages. I have it on my quail setup to water two different cages. I use the bucket method to hold the water and fill it once every other week. This system is easy to make to work with whatever cage/coop setup you have and easy to clean. If you are interested email me at The cost is $5.00 over shipping.

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