Automatic Duck House Door

By gingerviolinist · Nov 26, 2017 · ·
  1. gingerviolinist
    I have backyard ducks and sometimes it’s difficult to make it home in time to shut the ducks into their house safely for the night or be able to sleep in. Ducks NEED routine! So I created this automatic duck house door to help regulate their schedule. Thanks to Wick at NetScraps and other various youtubers and the forums on Backyard Chickens for sharing their experiences. I’ve adapted a conglomerate to create my own automatic door using a 12″ linear actuator, a dual SDPT relay, a 12vdc/ac power adapter, and a dusk to dawn photocell sensor. I’ve attached my wiring diagram, parts list, step by step instructions and a couple videos of it operating. Please keep in mind I have absolutely no prior electrical experience NOR do I take responsibility for the actions of anyone trying to replicate this.

    Slide1.jpg Slide4.jpg Parts List:
    Dual SDPT relay module – $9

    Photocell sensor 12vdc – $8/2-pack

    12 or 14” linear actuator – $64

    12vdc/ac power adapter $9

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