Avery's Springs Disc Golf Course Coop
All the wood in this coop was donated from a local man who had removed it from a church. Can we say Free-cycle. I started by building the base using some 2x6's and wood screws, Got a 4x4x12 and cut it into four 3 foot legs and attached them to the frame. Keeping to the dimensions to 4x8 for the base was mainly for the ease of sheeting with plywood. the front wall on the coop is also 4x8, but the top plate is a 10' 2x4 to allow for the roof overhang.

Next came the side walls, and the back wall. the back wall is 5' tall to allow the roof to drain. I then added the roof trusses.

Free TIN for the roof!!!!!

Sheeted with some OSB... not the first choice, but we will paint it. Cut out the window in front, Egg door on the side, the Cleanout door on the rear, and the Pop door is actually on the floor.


then we had a great donation of thin single ply. We ripped this on a table saw to 10 " strips, and used it as siding. Painted the whole coop inside and out. Made sere all vents where coveted with 1/2x1/2 hardware cloth. Added a T post fence. and on each post leaned a Bamboo pole to the coop to secure the top net.

We installed an old door and built a frame for it to enter in and out of the run also! The Egg door is located on the out side of the run for quick retrievals.

Don't for get the Free Chickens!!!!!