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Awhites Member Page

By AWhite · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. AWhite
    ATX Urban Chickens

    A few weeks ago for my birthday I purchased myself 4 chicks from the local feed store, Callahans in Austin, Texas. I already had a large dog cage in which to keep them in while they developed, and as I figured out their outside situation.

    The outside situation

    large/tall shed with 2 "grow" cabinates, which were onsite when I purchased the place. A nicely shaded area for the outdoor chicken run. Tons of recycled items in which to build a secure fun chicken quarters.

    The Chickens

    Maisey ( the ringleader)


    Daisy ( aloofness personafied)


    Cheeky J Cheekums ( sweetness)


    Blondie ( jumps for worms)



    afternoon nap time




    after the flour debacle





    german shepard

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